Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Gather Together

Yours truly (with the best head piece -
sparkles and feathers!) getting ready to dive
into the delicious bisque.

Besides loving Opera Columbus, a good party and a yummy cocktail the Opera Columbus staff is nuts for good food. On a typical day talk of "What are we having for lunch?," begins anywhere between 9:01 and 11 a.m.

On Thursday, Jeryl, OC's activities coordinator, wowed us with
her culinary skills and made pumpkin bisque for the staff. To get in the mood for the fall season we decided to declare it a Pilgrim Lunch. And being opera folks we couldn't just leave it at that, we had costumes as well. I, of course, had the best headpiece and we even made one for Clooney, the office dog.

Never a dull day at the Opera Columbus office!

The Pilgrims

The Native Americans

The Pilgrims and Native Americans
gathering together for a photo op

Clooney, thrilled to be a Native American

Two adorable Native Americans begging for more food

We take our roles very seriously at the opera (and of course,
the Pilgrim ladies couldn't have boring hats, so I bedazzled
them and added shiny silver ribbon).

Kevin modeling his Pilgrim hat

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