Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Press! September 10 was our Executive Director's birthday. The staff here at OC loves to celebrate birthdays (come to thinking of it they enjoy finding things to celebrate - I like these people). So, in honor of our fearless leader's big day we had cake in the afternoon and ventured to Hyde Park on the Cap for $4 martinis/cocktails after work (a perfect combination, if you ask me). Enjoy our photos from Press' Birthday Celebration Extravaganza.

Make a wish
(I'm guessing he was wishing there were more

roles for beautiful bovine in Opera productions.)

Most of the udderly fabulous Opera Columbus staff
(Lisa makes us wear hats then gets out of wearing

one because she takes the pictures - sneaky.)

Time for cocktails! My favorite? Moojitos!

With Director of Production Kevin and Assistant Executive
Director/Director of Development Susan
(Don't we make a cute little family?)

Activities Coordinator Jeryl and friend Zoran.
(Bunny ears? That's so second grade.)

Press and his lovely, and fabulously funny, wife Joan.

We wrapped up the evening with birthday kisses!
(Actually this is probably what he wished for earlier.)

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Amanda said...

Moojitos?!??!! hahahah!! Oh you are just too funny ;)