Monday, September 8, 2008

A Lovely Night

If you weren't at Genoa Park this weekend for German Village's Oktoberfest you really missed out on another one of Columbus' fabulous events.

It couldn't be a more perfect day for Oktoberfest. The sun was setting as we (my co-worker Lisa, another friend and yours truly) strolled along looking at everything from folks selling Buckeye crafts (Speaking of the Buckeyes, how about that game on Saturday afternoon? I was one nervous cow during a good chunk of the game.) to people walking around in keg hats. And, of course, there's the food. I thoroughly enjoyed the sour kraut balls from Hey Hey Bar & Grill and the three of us split a heavenly cream puff from Schmidt's while Lisa and I sipped on glasses of Riesling.

My favorite part of the evening (besides viewing the breath-taking Columbus skyline) was watching the air accordion contest. That's right - air accordion (think air guitar - accordion style). It was awesome. There's nothing like watching intoxicated individuals play their air accordions to the sweet sounds of polka.

I'd love to show you pictures of other interesting headgear (Carl, there were chicken hats!), the unique attendees, the food and the beautiful skyline reflecting in the waters of the Scioto. Alas, someone that I will not name (*cough, cough* rhymes with Visa) forgot to charge the camera battery. Seriously, can I get some qualified help around here? Instead you get a picture of me glancing over the nifty brochure they provided at the gate and reliving my lovely evening.

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