Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Gotta Moo!

I am still super pumped after a fantastic lunch yesterday with co-workers Eric (our Director of Education & Community Programming) and Lisa (our Director of Marketing & PR/resident celebrity gossip expert) and Cindy from WOSU's Artzine.

Before I get into the fabulous-ness that happened during lunch, I just have to say that we at Opera Columbus love the incredible relationships and partnerships we have with so many of the phenomenal arts and cultural organizations here in Columbus (*ahem* another point proving this isn't a cowtown). We love collaboration here at OC!

Back to lunch...the four of us gathered at Northstar Café (I had the veggie burger and it was AMAZING), a local Short North eatery, to chat about possible Opera Columbus stories for Artzine. Being the genius and natural people pleaser I am, I led our discussions and pitched some stupendous ideas.

(Here I am leading discussion. Cindy and I had
so many great ideas about features for the show
Lisa and Eric could hardly get a word in!)

So my friends, if you're in the area, tune into Artzine on WOSU. Over the next year, you're going to be learning a lot about Opera Columbus and what goes on behind the scenes. I also have a hunch I'll be making my TV début *wink*. Stay tuned!

(After the meeting we ran into some hip, sassy,
professional ladies, much like myself: Sherri
from Victoria's Secret, Tracy from ZenGenius and Jamie
from Experience Columbus. Now that's hot.)

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