Friday, October 17, 2008

Do You Believe in Magic?

Busy doesn't even begin to describe the goings on here at Opera Columbus. It's a good busy though. There is also a certain excitement in the air. After all, The Pearl Fishers opens at the Ohio Theatre one week from today! Hooray! (Seriously, get your tickets now. Rumor has it that this is the best cast we've ever had!)

The artists have been in town for two weeks rehearsing the show. But, it takes more than just the folks on stage to make opera magic. It takes a lot of people working behind the scenes to make sure what you see on stage is the best opera possible.

So my friends, follow me on a pictorial tour of the people that make the opera magic happen.

Artist Transportation & Housing:

Here at am at with Joe of Roush Honda and Kevin, our director
of production.Roush Honda donates rental cars for our
artists to use while they're in Columbus. Looking for a
new car? Need a tune up? Wanna talk to some super
nice people? Then I suggest you visit our friends at Roush.

The whole Opera Columbus staff goes to pick up the cars and
drop them off wherever the artists are staying. Here I am
navigating for Lisa (she tends to be directionally-challenged).

I made a new friend with Nick, the manager of the hotel
where are artists are staying. He was excited to have
our talented artists stay at their hotel and asked
lots of questions about opera.

For each opera we rent our costumes and they arrive
in boxes. I'm helping sort out all the pieces.

Once sorted, the costumes are hung up, labeled and tailored
to each performer. Donna and Wayne, our wardrobe team do a great job!

I couldn't help it, I had to try on some of the costume pieces. Don't tell.


We have a great partnership with the ad agency LondyLawrence. Working
closely with Lisa, our director of Marketing & PR, they develop
creative ideas and marketing pieces. Did you see our beautiful
Season Guide? Yeah, they are the creative genius' behind it.
Looking for an ad agency that rocks? LondyLawrence is your answer.

Clooney, the Opera Dog, and I also provide marketing support.

Wigs & Makeup:
Just this week the wig and makeup team arrived. They have to design
and style about 50 wigs/hair pieces. Here I am giving Chris a few tips.

Here I am watching Christine do her design thing.

Look at all the cool wigs designed and styled by the team from
Cosmic Hair and Makeup
. They are amazing and super
fun to work with, too!

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