Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Go on with the Show!

It's Pearl Fishing time in Columbus! Our set has arrived, we've moved to the Ohio Theatre, the CSO is back and it's almost show time. Tonight is an exciting night because not only is it our final dress rehearsal, it's also the night of the Opera Columbus Tweet-up. I can't wait to meet all of our Twitter friends and see what they think about the artform we all love. But, I'll have more on that tomorrow.

So, I was helping Lisa with some media relations items on Monday (that girl would be lost without me) and decided to snap a few behind the scenes shots. And, after watching rehearsal, I promise you an amazing show. Order your tickets today. And just because I'm a generous bovine I'll offer you 20% off single tickets. All you have to do is call 614-469-0939 and mention you'd like a G-Type ticket. Enjoy!

Look at that marquee! I love seeing our name in lights!

Eric and I marvel and the beautiful Ohio Theatre.

Posing with Assistant Stage Manager, Alicia, on our awesome set.

Props table. Lots of fun stuff here!

This is basically command central for the Opera. From this
perch is where Stage Manager Kevin makes all the calls.

With prop man extraordinaire, James. Props are very important.

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Marissa and Aidan said...

Great blog
I wish Opera Columbus included a synopsis of each opera on thier web site. I had to go looking eleswhere...