Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Lovely Day

Holy cow! It is crazy busy here on East Naghten Street. Things are so busy that they've put yours truly to work - I've been helping move boxes, stuff envelopes, run errands, make artist arrangements, etc. This has left me with little time to blog. Today, I finally put my hoof down. I will not take on any more projects until I can blog! So here it goes...

Opera Columbus has many excellent volunteer groups. These volunteer groups perform various functions from serving as manning the Opera Columbus booth at various festivals to fundraising. They are the heart of of Opera Columbus.

President of Les Claqueurs, Esther (right), your favorite blogging
bovine and another fabulous Claqueurs member

Last Wednesday, I, along with most of the OC staff, had the pleasure of attending the annual picnic of Les Claqueurs. Les Claqueurs is a unique club of senior volunteers interested in advancing the purposes of Opera Columbus.

At the picnic, we were able to talk about all the super fantastic things going on at Opera Columbus. We talked about our upcoming production of Bizet's The Pearl Fishers and the most exciting thing (in my humble opinion) was talking about our new blog. The Claqueurs seemed excited to meet me and herded around demanding to be photographed with their new favorite cow. I, of course, happily obliged.

Here I am with our hosts Dick and Ginny and Claqueurs
member, Harriett. Harriett is a woman after my own heart.
Way to promote the show, my friend!

They are a fun group of people and boy, oh boy, can they cook up a storm! They take their picnics seriously. I couldn't help but go up for seconds (hey, it's pumpkin pie, it was calling my name):

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