Friday, October 3, 2008

Let's Go Jackets!

Last night I joined OC Executive Director Press, Director of Production Kevin, Director of Education & Community Programming Eric and Director of Marketing & Public Relations Lisa for a Blue Jackets game at Nationwide Arena. Even though my beloved Jackets lost, we still had a lot of fun!

Not only do I love Opera, I'm pretty crazy about hockey, too. Plus, I love supporting any Columbus-based team. Come to think o
f it, I may be a little biased towards the Blue Jackets because I think their mascot, Stinger, is really cute. If anyone knows Stinger and can arrange a little meeting with the cutest cow in Columbus I'd be eternally grateful. Enjoy the picture highlights!

The gang before the game began.

Quick picture with Press & Lisa. Lisa needs to go
shopping for some Blue Jackets apparel, she's wearing an
Otterbein sweatshirt. The nerve! We're having
a talk about this on Monday.

I join Kevin and Eric cheering - GOAL!

Right after the first period. It was all tied up! Who
do I need to know to be one of the lucky folks that
get to ride and wave on the Zamboni?

FIGHT! Huge fight breaks out during the second
period. The Sabre's goalie & another player were
thumping on Rick Nash. Lots of players got involved.
Pretty sure we saw the ref pick up teeth.

*Sigh* Stinger, I heart you.

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