Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Pearl Fishers Cast is in Columbus!

There are some times when it's appropriate to cheer. And, there are times when a cheer just doesn't cut it and you have to moo! This is one of those cases... MOO! I'm so excited The Pearl Fishers artists have arrived!

The Opera Columbus office is popping and cracking. The costumers are here doing fittings and preparing the outfits for the show. Chorus and principal artists are in and out of the office for meetings and costume fittings. The staff is equ
ally as busy getting ready for students to attend our dress rehearsal, working on organizing our Tweet-up, talking with reporters and, basically, making sure everything comes together to ensure this show is a success.

I was lucky enough to sit in the first sing-thru with the principal artists. It was AMAZING. The voices are warm and gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous, the cast is full of beautiful people and they are all as nice as nice can be. Just goes to show - Opera is sexy! And here's the proof:

Meet the beautiful and talented, Diane Alexander. This stunning soprano plays Leïla, priestess of Brahma. She's also in all our ads for the show. This is her second time singing with Opera Columbus (she played the lead in The Merry Widow in Feb 2007). She's the first part of the tragic love triangle in the show.

Here I am helping Vale Rideout do a little brush up before rehearsal began. I think he was surprised a cow knew so much about opera. Vale is a handsome and charming guy who plays Nadir, a fisherman, the romantic tenor. Vale's the second part of the love triangle.

Next we have the dreamy baritone - Philip Cutlip. He's a charmer ladies (and couldn't resist kissing the cutest cow he's ever met *sigh*). He gives Stinger a run for his money. Philip plays Zurga, king of the fishermen. Philip completes the show's love triangle.

Central Ohio based bass-baritone, Brian Banion, completes the pricipal cast of The Pearl Fishers. Brian plays the high priest of Brahma, Nourabad. Brian is hilarious and has a killer smile (when he actualy smiles for the camera). Brian does wonderful things for Opera Columbus! He's often in our productions and frequently sings with our community programs.

But all the talent isn't just on the the stage! We are lucky to have, in my opinion, one of the best conductors and stage directors in the business.

Here I am with my good friend, Bill Boggs. Not only is he OC's artistic director, he's the conductor for The Pearl Fishers. We are so lucky to have someone so talented living and working right here in Columbus. Here we are studying the score. He often consults me before a big gig. I'm his go-to-cow.
I was able to corner stage director William Florescu today when he was in the office. Biff, as he's know to his friends (which would be me), is a busy guy. He's also the General Director of Florentine Opera Company in Milwaukee (I have some cousins in Mikwaukee, maybe I'll have to drop by for a visit sometime). He's in rehearsal most of the day and is also remotely running an opera company. I'm hoping he finds some time to sleep.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! And while you're waiting...buy some tickets to the show at the Ohio Theatre on October 24 at 8 p.m. and October 26 at 2 p.m. Call 614.469.0939 or visit

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